Food Service

As a food importing company we distribute a variety of machinery and products to restaurants and such. We understand the need for excellent delivery services that these premises require and that is why many of our clients continue to choose us as their distributors. All the brands that we have chosen for our food service are brands that are well known to provide excellence in everything they do.

In order for us to go above and beyond when it comes to our services we also provide clients with maintenance and repairs on the machines that we distribute. This fact can prove to be of peace of mind for those who are wary about ending up with machines that do not work with nobody available to fix them.

Our food service brands

Slush puppie

Slush Puppie

Slush Puppie is an ice cold beverage created in the ‘70s. This beverage comes in various flavours while also being delicious and highly refreshing.



Ingredients for Gelato & pastry 

Pernigotti is an Italian brand, known for its delicious ingredients. We supply the perfect Pernigotti products whether you are looking to make a tasty and refreshing ice cream or delicious pastry.

Stenger cones

Stenger Cones

These cones are essentially waffles made in the shapes of a cone, created perfectly in order to not steal away from the taste of the ice cream within it. You will be surprised by the delicate taste experience, something your clients will enjoy immensely.


Mogyi Nuts

Mogyi created packages with various kinds of nuts, whether you are looking to add them to something for taste, or just to eat them alone as a snack, you will surely enjoy the freshness and quality of this brand.

The machines that we supply