About us

Island Food Importers and Distributors Ltd is a Malta-based company that specialises in the importation and distribution of food products on an exclusive agency basis. Our portfolio of products contains a variety of brands that are renowned worldwide for their quality and are well established within the Maltese market as well. 

Our corporate objective is to increase the share of the food market through continuous improvement and commitment to quality with all the products as well as the service that we provide. We are constantly adding and upgrading our products and the range of choices. In addition, we believe that as a company who provides services, our human resources are vital to achieve total success, therefore, we take good care when it is time to employ someone new and we make sure that the perfect training is always provided to everyone.

At Island Food Importers and Distributors Ltd we also undertake various marketing activities to build and also promote the brands that we import and distribute. Depending on the case, we draft a detailed marketing plan using our expertise of the local market and any recommendations from the suppliers. Subsequently, during the year, we take great care in implementing the plans, the very plans that in the end will help us reach our goals.

Every supermarket, grocer, restaurant or other can rest assured that our company can provide them with a great variety of products, from confectionery items, crackers, sweets, machines for food service, products for the same purpose and much more. Our objective will always be to build on the service that we already provide and keep on improving our company through the years, with experience and passion for what we do.