Our Brands

We represent all the brands we import on an exclusive agency basis, direct from the supplier.


Bolands Biscuits

These biscuits are absolute party time favourites as they are deliciously prepared and represent the best that Ireland’s traditional baking provides. You will be amazed at the taste but also sensation of these biscuits and will not want to stop at just one.

Dan cake

Dan Cake

Established in 1931, by Jens Eskildsen in Denmark, Dan Cake boasts of a wide variety of high-quality bakery products. The Dan Cake cakes, Swiss rolls and muffins are renowned worldwide.

exeter logo

Exeter Corned Beef

Trusted for generations, Exeter corned beef is a well known and loved brand of corned beef. It’s distinguished by its top quality and low-fat recipe.

Fox's logo

Fox’s Biscuits

Established in 1853, Fox’s biscuits are renowned worldwide for their delicious biscuits. Today Fox’s bake more than 6 million biscuits a year. Using high-quality ingredients and their expertise since 1853, Fox’s biscuits are truly fantastic tasting biscuits for everyone to enjoy.

Jacobs logo

Jacob’s Biscuits

This brand boasts a variety of biscuits for you to choose from. Again, this brand represents Ireland’s expertise when it comes to snacks. With a variety of chocolate bars and other biscuits you can rest assured that your clients will be quite satisfied with the choices.

kelkin logo


A brand which is focused on gluten free and health products. Produced in Ireland since 1977. The story of Kelkin began when husband and wife team Ken and Liz Kinsella set out on a journey to make wholesome food available for everyone to enjoy.

Perfection logo

Perfection Foods Muffins

Perfection Foods Ltd is an award-winning bakery, and are now the UK’s leading manufacturers and exporters of high-quality muffins and cakes.

Rowse logo

Rowse Honey

Rowse Honey began in 1938 when Tony Rowse started beekeeping at his home in Oxfordshire In England. He enjoyed it so much he decided to try and make a living from his hobby. And so, Rowse Honey was born. Today, Rowse Honey is the largest producer of honey in the UK and is an active protector of the world’s wondrous honey bees.

st piere logo

St Pierre

St Pierre has been inspired by European Café culture to create a range of premium bakery products with sophisticated taste to enjoy every day. The brand is available worldwide and is the fastest growing bakery brand in the USA. St Pierre Bakery’s range of products include brioche, crêpes and Belgian waffles.


Sunquick Ice

Sunquick ice lollies are well known to be a delicious way to keep cool during hot days. Each lolly is bursting with flavour and easy to hold and consume by even the smallest of children.


Trefin Sweets & Toffees

This brand is known for its hard boiled and filled candies. They also provide toffees and chocolates that are absolutely divine. The sweets from this brand do not contain any colourings, alcohol, gelatin or GMO’s and they also use 100% pure Belgian Cocoa butter chocolate.